1º Concurso Internacional de Violín Buenos Aires 2010

It is with the purpose of encouraging and stimulating the study of music amongst the young, creating a dynamic cultural interchange between violinists from all over the world and to celebrate in
Argentina a musical contest of worldwide renown that we present the First International Violin Competition of Buenos Aires, organized by the Amijai Community and the YPF Foundation. An ambitious proposition from both institutions, the Competition is honoured by a Jury made up of artists of different nationalities and international recognition, presided by Maestro Shlomo Mintz.


Gala at the Colón Theatre


The awards were presented to the winners in a hall crowded with people. Then, the first three played as soloists, accompanied by the Asociación de Profesores de la Orquesta Estable del Teatro Colón, conducted by Maestro Mintz…

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Master Classes

The members of the Jury of the First International Violin Competition Buenos Aires 2010 offered master classes to musicians and the general public.

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The Laureates


After the First, Semifinal and Final Rounds, the members of the Jury chose the winners of this first edition. Jinjoo Cho got the First Prize

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Shlomo Mintz

foto Shlomo Mintz
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